270 Degrees Bar gives totally different experience comparing to roofs and crowded streets as you will see in the center. Here in front of you unfolds an open space, gardens, water and the extraordinary shapes of space-age-like structures including the Opera House, Imax, Museum of Science and seemingly weightless and gracious harp-like silhouette of the bridge L’Assute de l’Or.

The Old City somehow peacefully stays at the background – close enough to feel its presence, but sufficiently far to minimize the impact of its crowdy streets and hectic life. No wonder, the bar 270 Grados offers from hotel’s 10th floor sort of oasis where “dreams can fly free” especially given the stunningly “mirage-like” views unfolding in front of you.


The name “270 Degrees” refers to the observation angle from the L-shaped terrace on the roof of the hotel Barceló. While the terrace with soft armchairs and small tables is comfortable for relaxing after the busy day, in sunny, warm days you can also take advantage of the rooftop swimming pool. Unlike some other hotels, the administration of Barceló makes the rooftop bar and Spa accessible not only for hotel guests but also for visitors.

The bar “270 Grado” becomes a truly magic place starting at the sunset and extending into deep night. The City of Arts and Science transforms into fairy-tale like world of lights and colors, architectural marvels intertwined with their images reflected in the surrounding water.

It’s worth to note that the rooftop bar includes the large, covered lounge area, so even during “unfriendly” weather conditions you can still enjoy at least some benefits related to 10th floor observation platform. It’s true that views may become fuzzy, horizon will move closer, colors will lose intensity, but selection of drinks and cocktails will help you to appreciate the “rooftop” experience. However, if hunger will start to give “signs of life”, you will have to go down to the floor level where hotel’s restaurant will welcome you with selection of meals – some very exotic (Asian cuisine), some very local (Valenciano).
Note that during the summer, the bar organizes special concerts on the roof (at extra €).


Address: 270 Grado, Hotel Barceló
Avenida de França, 11
Opening hours: Summer – 10am till 2am (night), Winter – weather permitting

Hotel Barceló