I love Valencia and that is why I decided to live here!

I love it for no reason and I love it for a few reasons 🙂

Let’s start with “no reason”: you know the feeling – you just fall in love and you have no clue why. You just love that girl/boy, dog/cat, smell, sound…

That’s what happened to me while walking the streets of this magnificent city. It reminds me of Buenos Aires, my favorite city of cities I’ve ever seen – so maybe that’s why!? Who knows and who cares – what counts is that I feel great breathing and just being here.

Let me now tell you about those “few reasons”:

  • People: Well people are those funny creatures that make our lifes either great or miserable, like nothing else ever has. In Valencia I feel as if I were among “my own” even though I even don’t speak their language (just “un poccito”)
  • Climate: I don’t mind heat so I am good summer time. Winters could be bit warmer, but where I come from they are much worse, so I enjoy a lot of sunshine in this city during winter months. I love sunbathing in January and the fact that I can dry my laundry outside almost every single day of winter months. Love it!
  • Beaches: Valencia prides itself with kilometers of beautiful sandy beaches… some are still “wild” and along others you will find new buildings – mainly summer homes, but also the tiny, old once – remains of fishing villages which now boast with all kinds of charming restaurants.
  • Last, but not least food! Well, that’s what my blog is about to begin with 🙂 So, what is so special about Valencian food, you may ask? Sorry, I can’t answer that question in just a few words, so bare with me and take your time …

  Buen Provecho


PS At the moment, I am considering building a shipping container home nearby and iCoontainerHome helps a lot!