Unfortunately Cacao Sampaka  did not survive Covid-19  🙁

I love hot chocolate (who does not) and to be honest, after visiting few places in Valencia, I almost gave up. Places that I visited were selling chocolate pudding, claiming it was a hot chocolate. Well, as chocolateholic, trust me, I know what real hot chocolate is!

So, you can only imagine how happy I was when I discovered Cacao Sampaka across the street from Mercado Colon on Calle Conde de Salvatierra 19.


I was attracted by the signs – there is no window, but since doors were wide opened it was not difficult to understand that “it’s all about chocolate”! Once I entered the store, it took me awhile to get to the cafe.
If you wonder why, let me explain: In order to taste hot chocolate, you need to pass by all those sinful temptations – displays filled with all kinds of chocolates, truffles, candies – you name it! They are all beautifully packed, some like a gifts, some just lay there in bulk calling your name 🙂



If you are committed to reaching a table in the back, where they serve hot chocolate, you will make it. If not, you will easily spend all your money at the front store.



Don’t ask me how, but I made it! Once I realized they actually have a sample serving of three different chocolates, I decided to give it a try. Finally, three is better than one! Right? Waiter suggested that Aztec was the best choice and the most popular, but I decided to stick to the sample of three. What the heck!



Well, he was right! With 90% cocoa, how can you even go wrong! It truly felt like peace of heaven sliding down your throat. The other two did not impress me, to say the least. I finished them all with the help of orange sponge cake. To be honest, visiting Cocoa Sampaka just for that delicious orange sponge cake would be worth it! It smells beautifly and tastes even better. I can’t say for sure if they make it from famous Valencian oranges or what, but I have never tried any sponge cake close to it.



What did I do next? Can you guess?

Yes, I did order full mug of Aztec chocolate. I decided that was my “sin day”. That decision lifted a heavy guilt trip from my shoulders.



One morning I decided to go for breakfast at Cacao Sampaka and was pleased to discover great coffee-cereals treat 🙂 I strongly recommend it!

One time I went with bunch of friends, suggested them to go with Aztec chocolate, but few could not resist sample of three. Fine by me! However, all of them admitted that Aztec was the winner. At that time I tried a brownie with vanilla ice cream too. OMG! No comments here – I’ll leave something for your own trip to Sampaka 🙂



At Cacao Sampaca, you may get chocolate (and not only) ice cream, macaroons, croissants, great brownie, even Catalana (fresh tomato sandwich). They also have variety of coffee-chocolate drinks and teas, juices etc…

Service is friendly, English speaking and very helpful. There is a small garden in the back which is closed in winter months, but adds to the atmosphere since it’s not hidden, but rather nicely exposed behind glass wall.


All in all, I strongly recommend this place not only for wonderful treats, but also for get-togethers with friends. It’s quiet and lovely! Did I mention it smells great too?