The origin of this bakery is one of local bakery tied to neighborhood. As they say for themselves, “their heart smells of fresh bread”.

And bread is their brand. I can not even start to describe or list all kinds of bread that are on offer. There are countless of them, and almost none not to enjoy.


Granier Bakeries in Valencia

Aside from that, there is variety of pastries, both salty and sweet. Numerous rolls, croissants, pies, and their majesties chocolate muffins. And I must not forget croissants with chocolate and cream. And yes, I couldn’t live without chocolate, so there you go. But don’t assume that I’m biased! Try them, and you will agree. Pastries with fruit are also delicious. But then, almost everything is, it all depends on your preferences.



Having tickled your imagination, it is worthy to note that both Panaria and Granier do catering.

And if you so fall in love with either of them that you never want to leave, there is a solution to that, too. They’re both a franchises, so you can open your own. Handy, isn’t it?


Granier Bakeries in Valencia

Drinks are special treat. Carrot juice is very appropriately named “zen”. If you are more into squeezed fruit, there is lemonade, orange juice,  mixes of bananas, pineapples, raspberries, strawberries, mangos, peaches and basically any combination that you can think of. Also frappes, mochas and shakes. And that’s only cold drinks.

Coffee, with chocolate or with cream, with milk, fruit or even coconut, is an absolute treat for the senses.


Granier Bakeries in Valencia

Then there are sandwiches. I know that they are food, generally speaking, but here I feel that they have to be spoken of apart from all else. I love their empanadas and kish – all of them! Perfect bread, with perfect other ingredients, salty or sweet, meat or vegetables, chocolate cream or fruit jelly, you simply got to have one more, and then one more, and just one more and … you get the point.



Granier in Rusafa was my first bakery in Valencia. It was literally just around the corner from my first rented apartment. Maybe that is why it’s my favorite “chain” bakery in the city. Unnecessary to say, that now, whenever I pass by Granier bakery, I cannot resist and if nothing, I have to grab a croissant or coca.

I used to live US for many years and loved spending with my laptop time in various cafes, bakeries and coffee shops enjoying unlimited free WI-FI. So, you can imagine my shock when I realized that in Granier I got Internet pass on my bill and it gave me 30 min. access. It is what it is I whispered to myself and continued learning new ways in a new country!

If you read my other posts, then you know that for me besides food, the atmosphere and interior and very important as well. In that regard, I must say that somehow I feel better in Granier bakery than in any other “chain” bakery. It feels warmer and “homier”.

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