Overlooking the beach Las Arenas, the complex Marina Restaurant clearly distinguishes itself from numerous restaurants and bars dotting Valencian sandy shores. What makes it standing well above others is the amazing “environment” created for guests.


Restaurant offers four different spaces, correspondingly: Sky Bar and Marina Restaurant (both located in the main building), Marina Terrace extending restaurants towards the sea along an infinity pool and garden and finally the newly opened Beach Bar Chiringuito. The latter is open only in summer to offer drinks, tapas and less-demanding meals right on the beach.


The Marina SkyBar definitely cannot compete with typical downtown located rooftop bars, all soaring well above surrounding buildings. But in the case of Marina SkyBar there is no need for it, because even from the first floor of the circular-shaped building opens an unobstructed panorama over the Las Arenas and Malvarrosa sandy beaches, and remarkably blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea.


The large, floor-to-ceiling windows make the skybar an ideal place to enjoy gourmet meals.  With a beautiful garden in the center of the restaurant, beach and sea at the touch of the hand and far-away horizon extending for miles over the sea waters, the skybar is a charming place.  Evenings are especially spectacular, starting with sunsets then gradually changing into darkness enhancing the deepness of an open space where only stars are setting the limits…



Well, these are all good news, but there are also “not-so-good” ones. The truth is that the SkyBar is mainly open for private and corporate events. While nothing prevents individual guests to ask for sitting at the SkyBar, the outcome is not sure (although according to management, if the SkyBar is not previously reserved, individual requests will be seriously considered).

However (to make you feel better) – it’s not necessarily a regrettable situation. The ground-level Marina Restaurant and especially the Terrace do not miss benefits of the SkyBar location, and at the same time they offer their own advantages. The terrace with water beds, sofa-beds, hammocks and tables, with the calming effect of the garden and infinity pool creates its own equally charming atmosphere for any tête-à-tête dinner or simply for meeting with friends.


Regarding the culinary aspects of the visit: Marina Restaurants year-round offers a gourmet cuisine with the roots in traditional Mediterranean cuisine highly relaying on local products (rice, fresh fish, meat etc..). However, the aficionados of avant-garde cuisine will also find here strong footprints of oriental cuisine (sushi as well as what is known as Tatami Japanese food…). More adventurous guests (ready to get wet) can venture into the Pool Bar rising from the waters of the infinity pool. Actually, during hot, sunny days it may not require a lot of courage, but just the opposite – it may be a blessing!


But that’s not all regarding the gastronomical offer. Located right on the beach there is a seasonally open restaurant El Portet del Marina (operates from spring till autumn). It is specializing in seafood meals (obviously it is closer to the sea, so it may benefit from “fresh catches” – OK, just kidding!).

Obviously, the large selections of drinks and cocktails for every occasion as well as some “sweet treats” are available throughout the whole complex till late nights.


It may be worth to note, that the Marica Beach Complex also includes the disco zone known as “The Club”. Dedicated rather to young generations, the Club cleverly mixes good cuisine with equally great (and unfortunately “bastante” loud) music.  It’s true that evenings, the disco music (despite Club’s side-location), “invades” surrounding areas and may actually create “somehow” uncomfortable feelings for guests of Marina restaurants coming for romantic evening. Well, it is what it is – the paradise of peace enhanced by the sound of waves washing the sandy beach mixed with the vibrant disco. Well, it’s quite “explosive cocktail” but probably that’s why so many quests come here in a search of good cuisine, fascinating ambiance, gentle touch of refreshing sea-breeze and yes, the vibrant music!.


Address: Marina Restaurante (Marina Beach Club)

Carrer Marina Real Juan Carlos I,  Valencia

Opening hours:

Sunday-Thursday: 11am – 01 am (summer), 1pm – midnight (winter)

Friday-Saturday: 11am – 2 am (summer), 1pm – 1am (winter)


Marina Beach SkyBar