Algiros is a relatively new district of Valencia, developed in 20th century in the scarcely populated area along an old road between Valencia and the village of Cabanyal. For this reason, even today, the district is sometimes called “Camino del Cabañal” (Road to Cabanyal). Linguists claim that the name Algirós is derived from an Arabic word “al-zurûb” (channel, canal) and is a reference to Medieval irrigation ditch supplying water to Cabañal from the Turia River.
Mercado de Algiros Valencia is a modern food market built in 1983 in similar style as the one in Russafa (as the matter of fact, its exterior decoration is reminiscent of the latter). This year the Mercado Algiros proudly celebrated 35 years of serving the neighborhood.

Certainly, it is a small market that cannot match the grandioseness of the Central Market, however it clearly meets the local needs. You will find here almost everything you may need – great variety of fresh fruits and veggies, all kinds of fresh, cured and smoked meat (in fact there is even horse meat stand). Some butchers with long (sometimes even few generations) tradition will offer special Valencian cuts (not sure they taste better, but certainly visually they make great impressions). Chicken meat you will find in Pollerias. And finally, there is also section for fish and seafood aficionados.

Probably, due to its “young age”, the Market Algiros easily adapts to the newest trends in fresh food business. So, for example you will also find bakeries offering fresh, still warm bread, pastries, sweets and cookies and all kind of baked goods, delicatessen offering wide selection of cheeses and deli, herbal corner with spices and natural health products and even a tea shop! Some shops offer home delivery (especially important for senior citizens). Unlike other food markets, this one also opens to the public on Friday evening…

Well this is exactly what you will hope to find in local markets located far from the touristic areas. They are designed to serve local residents!

It may be also worth to mention that on each Monday, the street/flee market opens near the Mercado Algiros on the plaza San Felipe de Neri and surrounding streets (Calle Actor Llorens, Calle Rugat, Calle Puebla de Farnals, Calle Luis Milán).
And once you have enough of shopping, just few blocks away from the Market you will find the Palacete de Ayora and the namesake Garden (the latter quite inviting after recent renovation). It’s an oasis of peace in the middle of the busy neighborhood.