In 1932 Mossen Sorell resurfaced on the square, this time in the form of the Mercado. Designed by the architect Angel Romero it consists of large octagonal central section and four corner hexagonal sections – all covered with hexagonal prisms. Over the time the Mercado Mossen Sorell “survived” few renovations (correspondingly in 1984, 1992 and significantly deeper recent one finished in 2008). Fortunately, the original architectural concept was preserved although interior was substantially remodeled and upgraded to meet modern day expectations and standards (like for example more space for leisure, central AC system etc…).

Glass-finished exterior walls, due to visibility of the stalls from the outside “open” the market into the streets. Seen from the inside, you find the opposite effect – a lot of natural light and coming with it atmosphere on the streets of old part of the city. All that helps to seamlessly blend the modernity and tradition.

As all traditional fresh-food markets, Mercado Mossen Sorell offers quality products, although it this particular case, a bit more on the gourmet side of the food spectrum. In fact, unlike other Valencian markets (with the exception of the Mercado Colon), Mossen Sorell’s central section is almost entirely dedicated to cultural, gastronomic and in general leisure activities. No wonder, the market became the favorite meeting point for local residents and tourists. And there are valid reasons for such social behavior. One of them is already famous Ostreria del Carmen where you can indulge in vide range of fresh and salted oysters accompanied with glass of wine.

Another famous place on the market premises is Vinostrum. It’s a wine cellar with very large selection of wines and beers from all corners of the world (including Spain) offered with traditional tapas. In fact, the gastronomical offer of the Mercado Mossen Sorell does not end only on the plates (from simple salads, pickles to elaborated dishes like famous Murcian salad, sardine’s tartar, chipirones etc…). From time to time you can also enjoy here sessions of gourmet cooking offered by the chef of Apicius Restaurant…

The architectural form combined with “gourmet” food and recreational activities makes the Mercado Mossen Sorell one of the most emblematic markets in the city of Valencia. It became a sort of recreational and gastronomic “oasis” in the center of Carmen – itself, one of the top touristic districts of Valencia. The district where the omnipresent Valencian history going back to times of Roman, Moorish rulers and early Spanish Kingdom is beautifully mixing with the bohemian atmosphere of countless bars and clubs filled with vibes of jazz, soul and blues. The bottom line is that a stop at the Market Mossen Sorell should be almost mandatory part of any discovery tour of Carmen.


Note that the Mercado Mossen Sorell is also open on afternoons: Thursday from 5pm till 8pm (except July, August and September) and Friday from 5:30 pm till 9 pm (throughout the whole year!).

Mercado Mosen Sorell