Despite of encouraging summary published on the municipal website, the Market San Pedro Nolasco is actually agonizing. In recent years several of its thirtysomething stalls were successively closing and these days only one is still operating (although only sometimes).


This is a sad story of an abandoned area of dilapidated buildings and deserted market that not that long ago (in mid-90’s) was still a busy, vibrant place. Frankly, its future is a big question mark as the Municipality still does not have clear vision regarding the future of this Mercado.

It is not even clear when the Mercado of San Pedro Nolasco was erected. The municipality claims that it was “put in operation in early 80’s”, however recently an old picture of the market from 1959 emerged on the blog: “Valenciablancoynegro” adding more confusion to the story.


What is sure – the square and the market got their names after the College and the Church of San Pedro Nolasco that was built in this place in 1640. The square was initially known as the Les Aigües before changing the name to the current one.

The bottom line – it is still rather “no-go” zone despite the fact, that it is so close to major tourist attractions like for example Turia Park and Torres de Serranos.

As of today, the Municipal Mercado San Pedro Nolasco is open only on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 9 am till 1:30 pm thanks to the owners of the Charcuteria Milagros and few local residents trying to keep the tradition alive. Despite the fact that the market is mostly empty, individual stores seem to be in good shape ready to bring life, colors and unique atmosphere to this today almost abandoned place.