In Valencia, whether you are a local buying groceries or a tourist looking for a piece of local art, you can find all you need in one of city numerous markets. They are also architectural gems, as two of them, Central Market and Columbus’ Market (or Mercado de Colón, as Valencians would say), are rated among twelve most beautiful covered municipal markets in Europe. So, while we’re at it, let’s make a quick introduction guide!

Central Market

This is one of the oldest markets in Europe that is still in use. It has two floors; building is modernist, with interior comprised of every material you can think of. Though food makes most of the markets offer, there are also souvenir shops and restaurants. Some stands are even dedicated to a single spice! Read More Here!

Mercado de Colón

This market is, likewise, place where you can spend entire day, or more of them. It is filled with shops, restaurants, cafes for all kinds of stuff. It is built in Valencian art nouveau style, and, like Central Market, is declared a national monument. Read More Here!

Ruzafa Mercado – Market

Ruzafa Market is situated in the fast-evolving zone of Valencia, with numerous bars, cafes and restaurants.  You amy easily spend a day around this market. It is pretty big, with more than 600 stalls. Markets façade have recently been painted in many colors, and is joy for the eyes: Fresh veggies ,fruits, meat, fish … Noses, for their part, can enjoy aromas that never end. Produce is local and fresh and there I have quite a few of my favorite vendors: One for each: Fish, meat, produce and spices. Read More Here!

Plaza Redonda

This is one of the greatest tourist attractions in Valencia. It is located in historic center of the city. On it stalls can be found lace, aprons, handicraft items, souvenirs… There is even a bird shop, if you think you are ready for flying pet (or want to introduce one more to the family). And every Sunday square turns to market for various collectibles – stamps, coins, books, toys, trading cards, music – that brings both children and adults together. By the way, on the square is building that is considered narrowest in Europe. Read More Here!

Mosen Sorell is newly renovated, charming marketIt is perfectly situated in the midst of Barrio del Carmen, one of the tourist hotspots in the old part of the city. With renovated stalls visible from the outside and central part reserved for cultural activities or plain simple lazing, it is place for neighbors to meet and also buy needed stuff. Read More Here!



Other Markets in Valencia:


Benicalap Market  is located in the vicinity of many of Valencia’s landmarks, from art museum to soccer stadium. Aside from fresh products, Benicalap offers, rather unusually for market, a place to become acquainted with computers, if you missed a skill or two.

Among the smaller markets, Benimamet stands out. It has only 12 sale stands, but products are of highest quality. There you can also make direct bargains with sellers, and some of them offer home deliveries. Being a local market, it is very easy to find parking spot and conduct all needed purchases. Location is here!

Cabañal market – with its live activity finds itself in coastal area of Valencia. It exists for 52 years and over time became one of the emblematic markets. Its corridors are filled with colors and scents. Under its roof, farmers can sell their products directly to the buyers. Market often offers promotion deals and events for neighborhood residents. As it is set near the sea, it is great place to visit during morning walk. Read More Here!

Castilla Market covers some five thousand square meters, and aside from various foods contains offices of Employment Office of Valencia.

Another small but thoroughly friendly market is called Jerusalen. It is close to a City Hall and is located in the neighborhood famous for local Fallas festival and loved for its architecture. Its 89 stalls are always filled with fresh products.

Market Jesus-Patraix is of the same kind. Local and friendly, with 70 stalls and products of highest quality. Its avant-garde architecture adds to its aura as much as everything else.

Mercado de Rojas Clemente  Built half a century ago, grew to be a very important one for local inhabitants. Read More Here!  

Nazaret market is located near the port of Valencia, in the fishermen district. It is a small market with quality foods and other products.

Mercado de Algiros  was built in this relatively new bario of Valencia and perfectly meets local people needs. It is one of Valencia’s most iconic markets due to its busy atmosphere, even though it’s not among the bigger markets. There, also, retail shops are mixed with fresh products. Some of the vendors even offer home delivery. And Algiros is very easy to get to from almost any point in the city. Read More Here!

San Pedro Nolasco is probably the smallest market of them all, with mere ten or so stalls. However, that gives it the air of familiarity and friendship that can hardly be matched. It is in place since the 80’s.

And finally, there is another little diamond – Torrefiel market. Within it there is small passage with gift shops and even hairdresser.