First, let me tell you – it is not easy to find English breakfast in Valencia Spain. Period! However, it is not impossible, so bear with me: As you may know by now, I tend not to say 5 or 10 “best” because what is best for me, is not necessarily the best for everybody. Also, I can’t even pretend that I’ve been to every singe restaurant in Valencia that serve English breakfast, but I made my choice of five, to make it easier for you.

Franky’s Street Food

Whenever I wish for a true English breakfast, Franky’s Street Food is one of the places that always deliver. There I can enjoy fried eggs with sausage and fried potatoes and fine toast. With fine cup of coffee, of course. Aside from that, Franky’s offers mainly American cuisine, and I thoroughly enjoy every time I visit it. Ambient is cozy, waiters are friendly and helpful. And food is not only amazing but there is lots of it. Often there is no space for dessert. There is everything that one would expect of American food – burgers, sandwiches, grilled potatoes, fried or grilled chicken, sausages, salads… Even ribs! And lest I forget, Franky’s has one of the best nachos I ever tasted in my life. Topped with cheese, of course. If you want to enjoy homelike meal in Valencia, a true brunch, Franky’s is a place to go!

One more thing: The owner is so sweet and helpful, that she will  custom-make your English breakfast for you with no extra charge. So, trust me you will feel at home there. Website


La Mas Bonita Ruzafa

Next possible stop is of course famous La Mas Bonita Rufaza. There are, of course, scrambled eggs, grilled potatoes, and crispy toast with cheese and ham. Their fresh delicious croissants are also a sure place to start. And then options are many. On other days, my day can start with muesli or fruit salad. And after some of that, or tasty burger if you are more in such mood, comes dessert. Of course, over time I tried many of the cakes and crepes that are on he many, but first place without a doubt goes to cheesecake. Then again, there are lots of them to choose from. So, there you have it. Numerous cheesecakes, combined with fast service, kind and friendly staff and nice wooden tables make it all a great experience to which I always return. I love the atmosphere and modern-vintage ambiance. Website


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La Rollerie

And finally, La Rollerie. All the ingredients are there – fried or scrambled eggs, beans, fresh sausage, fried potato, and onion rings with cheese and grilled tomato. Perfect english breakfast, with perfect latte. Their pastries and sandwiches are also highly valued. Among my favorites are their seafood dishes, whether salads or entrees. And after meal, it is truly wonderful to enjoy a piece of delicious cake under a tree inside a restaurant, and La Rollerie offers exactly that. Website.


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Federal Café

Next on my To-brunch list is Federal Café.  It’s my best friend’s favorite cafe in Valencia. There we often enjoy traditional english breakfast of potatoes, scrambled egg, ham, toast and some vegetables aside, with guacamole sauce. And I must add one of my all-time favorites – salmon fillets with cheese. So, when I got that out of my system, interior of place is nice, modern and minimalist. Take nice croissant sandwich with tomato, cheese and rocket salad. Or with scrambled egg and ham. Treat of the house is avocado, which accompanies almost every dish. Special place on the menu goes to another english pastime – tea. And, no surprise there, cheesecakes. Waiters are capable and helpful, and most of them speak english. Modern clean ambiance ads to the enjoyment of the food. Website



El Bar

Then comes restaurant El Bar. Their English breakfast is absolutely great and as delicious as they come. Fried eggs, bacon, ham, sausages, cheese and toast, with tea or coffee and orange juice. Perfect for start of day. Aside, on offer are nachos with vegetables and guacamole, numerous fruit, vegetable or seafood salads, steaks, burgers, chicken with french fries. You can have a plate of smoked cheese or dry meat, which I love. With nice glass of cold beer. Or, if you prefer, wine from rich offer. El Bar is nice place to meet with friends, with english menu and fluent waiters. Also, their pastas and pizzas are nice addition to the menu. Website

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