There are not many things in this world that can compare to aroma of fresh baked bread and pastries. Fortunately, Valencia has its fair share of fine bakeries. Actually, scrap that. They are not fine, they are awesome. And I will share with you two bakeries that can safely be put at the top of the league.

I Panaria



It offers wide variety of pastries so each and every taste can be satisfied. First things first, it has more than twenty kinds of bread. That counts for something! Next, of course, comes array of sandwiches, pastries, pastas and salads. On offer are many menus, including various combinations of pastries with salad or meat, juices and coffee.

My favorite is plate of ham, with bread, sweet croissant, orange juice and coffee. And that also counts for something, for Panaria is well known and praised for it coffee. Many would call it best coffee in city (I am at least not far from that thought). Kid’s menus are also available, so no mistake there either.



Interior design is modern, clean and bright. Bakeries are spacious, so you don’t feel like somebody is breathing down your neck and you get as much privacy as possible in public place. That is a big adventage comparing to other chain bakeries in the city.


Panaria Bakeries Valencia

Aside from fresh orange juice and coffee, you can enjoy healthy glass of smoothie, or (maybe not so healthy but delicious) hot chocolate.

Since no meal is really complete without a dessert, there are waffles (my favorite), pancakes, and, of course, cakes.


Panaria Bakeries Valencia


Another Franchise big bakery in Valencia is Granier!