I have to admit, this place used to be my favorite rooftop bar-restaurant. I like everything about it! It is offering not only generous menu but also (actually first of all) spectacular views on the Plaza. The open part of the terrace (under the sky) includes large patio with pergola overgrown by plants, comfortable sofas and tables.


Petit Bistro Rooftop Valencia
Here, in partially shaded area, in the scenery and atmosphere of the garden you can enjoy drinks and meals at the same time staying in “visual touch” with historical Valencian landmarks. The misting fans help to relax even in hot, sunny days. But the best part of it comes later at the nightfall, when the rooftop terrace offers an ideal place for romantic evening. Decorating lights and candles on the terrace gently blend with light-flooded architectural marvels around, somehow compensating for dimmed beauty of the starry sky, hidden in city’s light pollution.

If colder or rainy (or what more likely you will find in Valencia – in too hot and sunny days) you may sit in the traditional air-conditioned lounge next to the open patio. Although, keep in mind that cold cocktails, misting fans and pergola should help to enjoy “outdoor” environment regardless of the weather.


The menu is a mix of international cuisine with strong presence of delicious Spanish-Mediterranean one, so basically everybody should be able to find something “enhancing” already charming atmosphere.

Believe me, from up there, things look quite differently, not only because you have new perspective, or because you can see details you will not have a chance to see from the street level, but also, because the atmosphere on the roof is totally opposite to what happens on the street. You will find that suddenly, the “chaotic” life on the streets gave way to charming ambiance, quietness, softness…. And especially late evenings, when the chaos on the streets cools down, you may enjoy breaking the air sound of Miguelete’s clock. It’s a perfect place and time for a romantic “tête-à-tête” with your loved one.


Petit Bistro Rooftop Valencia
While Petit Bistro was initially popular among local residents, apparently it never got well-deserved recognition, probably because it is hidden from the public view and so unknown to unaware tourists. Things got even more complicated, when in 2017, the access to this “jewel” in the Old Town of Valencia was limited only to registered hotel guests. It’s possible that such restriction results from the fact that the terrace also includes large jacuzzi and sunbathing area. Whatever it is, as the result, the Petit Bistro became a secluded place. Frankly, it’s a very unfortunate situation, because it’s sort of oasis of beauty and peace in the middle of one of the oldest, busiest and tourist-oriented parts of Valencia.

I’m not sure if in “out of hot season” time this policy changes, so it may be worth to check it when already passing by at the hotel’s lobby.


Petit Bistro Rooftop Valencia

Address: Carrer dels Cabillers, 3

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Le Pettit Bistro