It will be hard to find better location for the bar than that on the roof of the hotel del Carmen. Located at the edge of the district El Carmen it offers the best of two worlds: proximity to the oldest part of Valencia, its major tourist attractions, but at the same just at the touch of the Nature – the Turia Park, better known by as “Rio”.


The hotel itself was built in 2007, so quite recently compared to surrounding structures, like for example imposing 14th century Torres de Serranos (Serrano Gate), some few tens of meters away or almost equally old Serrano Bridge. However, despite the new and modern interior, the Hotel del Carmen preserved its centuries old roots as it is housed in an old building that retains the original historical façade.


For those visiting the bustling El Carmen with its narrow streets, cafes, bars, restaurants and centuries of history around each corner, the Terrace Blanq in the Hotel del Carmen is a true blessing. Located on the roof of the five stories building it gives you chance to find an oasis of peace and tranquility in the heart of the Old Town. You are still in the mythical neighborhood of El Carmen, the district where the life will go on for 24 hours, yet, with views on the Turia Park at the touch of the hand bring you right away into a different world.


In front of your eyes you will find sort of “engineered wilderness”, countless trees, walking and biking paths. Unbelievably, it’s like the touch of magic – in just few minutes (actually shorter because you will take the lift) you will find yourself away from the hectic life below, sitting at a comfortable sofa, sampling tapas and sipping your favorite drink, and at the same time with amazement glancing around to find out if it is real!


The bar also offers a reasonable selection of meals representing the Mediterranean cuisine with visible influence of local (Valencian), Marrakesh and continental twists.

Recognizing shortcomings of the remote kitchen (located at the ground level), the administration decided to expand the rooftop area to also include a small kitchen able to prepare and serve meals, but this is still part of the future project that has to materialize. What may be harder to understand is that the rooftop bar closes for the winter, despite the fact that for most foreigners coming from the north of the continent, Valencian winter seems to be closer to the spring (indeed with mild climate, with temperatures in sunny days usually around or above 20-ties it is certainly is the time to enjoy the “outdoor” activities and venues.


On the good side – the terrace bar is open from noon till late evening and is accessible not only for hotel guests but also for visitors! Only the access to the large spa under the sky (truly inviting with its turquoise waters) is limited to the hotel guests (sorry guys, but it is understandable).

It’s worth to note that terrace’s furniture and decoration is made from natural components like wicker, bamboo, raffia etc.. as well as carefully selected textiles. The shaded area will provide protection in sunny days, while gentle breeze a comfort. Thanks to this nature-friendly “environment”, you may feel there like in a garden.  I guess, this was a deal – because the garden in the middle of the Barrio el Carmen sounds and feels like a little paradise.

Address: Terrace Blanq

Hotel del Carmen

Calle Blanquerias, 11. Valencia

Blanq Hotel