The Sky-Bar terrace is located on the 8th floor of the hotel Marina Atarazanas, in the barrio El Cabanyal, next to the marina and the port. For some it may be quite far from the historical center of Valencia (well, nothing is far given nearby subway station); for many, it is right there where the summer fun begins – in other words close to the sea, beaches and entertainment clubs.


Rooftop Hotel Marina Atarazanas Valencia

During the day (if not on the beach), the terrace is a perfect place to treat yourself to a drink, enjoy views on the coastline, sea, marina, port but also nearby historical buildings. Among them one of the most emblematic structures in Cabanyal – known as the Clock Building (now the headquarters of the Port Authority) and the church of Santa Maria del Mar. Looking in an opposite to the sea direction you will face panoramic views on El Barrio del Grau.


Rooftop Hotel Marina Atarazanas Valencia

Hotel guests (not sure about visitors) can also use the gym, as well as outdoor pool and jacuzzi along with the sunbathing area – all located on the terrace.  The sunset drastically changes ambiance on the terrace.  Darkness slowly envelops the coastline while countless lights enhance contours of nearby buildings and plazas.  Sea glow in the last touch of the sun adds extra magics into anyhow charming place. But the life goes on, maybe even in more vibrant forms, because marina and nearby beach resorts do not fall asleep before early morning hours.


And regardless of the time, be it a day or night, on the Sky-Bar terrace you will also experience the refreshing sea breeze (a bonus not to underestimate given usually hot summers!). And if this is not enough you may choose to cool-down in the rooftop pool.

Note that the Atarazanas’ sky-bar also offers snacks (for more elaborated “a-la-carte” meals you may have to visit hotel’s restaurant at the ground level).



Rooftop Hotel Marina Atarazanas Valencia

Currently the rooftop Terrace Bar is open only from spring throughout the summer, however the new administration plans to keep it open throughout the whole year. I’m sure it will be greatly appreciated especially by younger generations, much more attracted to the nightlife’s charm …

Rooftop Hotel Marina Atarazanas Valencia



Rooftop Terrace – Hotel Marina Atarazanas

Plaza Tribunal de las Aguas 5.

Open: Seasonal (from Spring till Fall)

Sky Bar Atarazanas